Carbonice was found in 2008 in Kirchheim Teck, Germany. Driven by the idea of building the lightest derailleur clamp, Michael Holzner started to design his first masterpiece. The result: 4.5 grams of perfect function and beauty. Ever since, the carbon fiber and weight saving specialist designs high-end solutions which have no equal. Besides the Carbonice bicycle components, Holzner also designs tailor-made solutions for motor sports and other applications. All components are handmade and tested in the area of Esslingen, Germany. Therefore, innovative solutions can be implemented promptly. After the laboratory and field test the products are carefully developed to maturity phase.
In addition to the fascination of developing and producing a perfect product,  inspiration also comes from competitive sports. The close collaboration with athletes completes the process of development and testing of the product. Carbonice places highest demands on quality and finish of its products.