Wilde Hilde Lowriser

Wilde Hilde Lowriser

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Wilde Hilde Lowriser

The "Wilde Hilde" is an absolute lightweight masterpiece by Carbonice. We believe the purchase of a handle bar is an act of trust in the companies abilities. The "Wilde Hilde” is strengthened in the clamping area with extra layers of carbon fibre - Ensuring perfect function and 100% safety in every situation. Each of the four screws on the stem can be tightened with 7Nm. The bar can be used with lock-on grips, bar ends can't be used for this bar.

• Available in two variants: UD-Carbon or 3K-Carbon
• Width: 640, 660, 680, 700, 710, 730, 750 mm
• Weight: 124g (750mm)
• The bar is unlocked for screw handles
• The bar is not unlocked for bar ends

RRP: 199,95€